Relieve Painful Dental Problems With Tooth Extractions in Georgetown

At The Smile Center, our focus is on keeping your natural teeth whenever possible to preserve your healthy smile. In some cases of dental damage or disease, the best course of action is getting tooth extractions in Georgetown, SC. However, if you do need to have a tooth removed, you are in good hands with our experienced dentist, Dr. John Miller. He will:

  • Use dental technology to ensure the procedure goes smoothly
  • Put a stop to your dental pain
  • Restore the full function of your mouth
  • Keep your smile healthy

Call The Smile Center today at 843-492-5026 to schedule an appointment. Ask how you can save money on your extraction with our in-house membership plan too.

Extract Problem Teeth & Regain Comfortable Oral Function

Our top priority is always to preserve your natural teeth. However, there are times that removing a tooth is in your best interest. It’s often to prevent an infection from spreading to nearby healthy teeth or to prepare your mouth for dentures or dental implants. Rest assured, Dr. Miller reserves this procedure as a last resort. He can often solve dental problems with:

  • Tooth fillings to fill in cavities or small areas of damage
  • Dental crowns to repair teeth damaged by injury or large cavities
  • Root canal therapy to treat an infection that has reached the pulp of your tooth

When the best course of action is to remove a tooth, we will make sure your treatment is comfortable and successful.

Feel Relaxed During an Extraction With Dental Sedation

Before your extraction procedure, we will numb your mouth using The Wand®, a computerized system that regulates the proper amount of anesthetic for a pain-free experience. You won’t have to deal with residual numbness following your procedure, so you’ll get your usual mouth function back quickly!

If you’re nervous about treatment, we can also provide dental sedation to help you feel completely relaxed during your procedure.

We will also give you post-op instructions to help you care for the extraction site and reduce swelling and discomfort. We will recommend that you:

  • Eat soft foods at first
  • Take it easy for a day or so
  • Avoid rubbing the area with your tongue
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times a day

For worry-free tooth extractions in Georgetown, call The Smile Center at 843-492-5026 today or schedule online.