Reclaim Your Oral Health With Gum Disease Treatment in Georgetown

Your gums are just as important to your smile as your teeth. If bacteria get into your gumline, it can result in significant gum problems. Left untreated, this disease can endanger your oral health. With our Georgetown gum disease treatment, we will:

  • Rid your mouth of harmful bacteria
  • Let you smile with more confidence
  • Help you avoid tooth loss and other problems
  • Stop bleeding gums and other unpleasant symptoms
  • Make your breath more pleasant

If you think your gums could be suffering, call us today at 843-492-5026 for an appointment. We’re located at 1209 North Fraser St. in Georgetown. Join our periodontal membership plan for discounts on treatments and coverage on regular gum maintenance cleanings. The plan is perfect if you don’t have insurance!

Restore Your Gums to a Healthy Pink Condition

Dr. Miller and his capable staff at The Smile Center will look for signs of gum disease during your dental exams. In its earliest stages, we treat gum disease with a thorough dental cleaning, removing the bacteria-filled plaque from your teeth and gums.

If bacteria has gotten under your gumline, it creates “pockets” that can cause your gums to begin to separate from your teeth. At this stage, we’ll treat you with a two-part deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing.

During this process, we will:

  • Clean out the bacteria both above and under your gums using special dental instruments
  • Smooth your tooth surfaces to make it tougher for plaque to attach and grow
  • Apply Arestin® antibacterial medication directly to your gums to keep gum disease from spreading

We understand if you are nervous about this procedure. We’ll numb your mouth with sting-free local anesthesia. And we can offer you several sedation options to help you relax.

Avoid Tooth Loss & Serious Problems With Proactive Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of American adults have some form of gum disease. In its advanced stages, gum disease can cause extensive dental damage and possible tooth loss. Let us help you avoid these issues with proactive treatment.

If you have an infection in your gums, you may notice bleeding when you brush or floss, tender or swollen gum tissue, bad breath, and red or puffy-looking gums. If any of these signs look familiar, contact us ASAP.

Visit The Smile Center for Georgetown gum disease treatment. Call us today at 843-492-5026 to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule online.