Relieve Discomfort From Dry Mouth in Georgetown

You may think dry mouth in Georgetown is no big deal, but we beg to differ! It’s not only uncomfortable, it creates an environment friendly to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. As a result, this condition can lead to dental damage. By visiting us for treatment, you can:

  • Chew and eat more comfortably
  • Prevent issues like cracked lips and abrasions inside your mouth
  • Reduce your risk for cavities by creating a healthier environment to your mouth
  • Identify issues, like prescription medications, that may be contributing to your dry mouth problem

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Stop Bad Breath & Other Dry Mouth Symptoms

Saliva is a “secret weapon” against the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Foods with sugars and starch “feed” the bacteria and produce acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. Your saliva helps wash away remnants of these foods. Plus, it contains minerals like calcium and phosphate that can restore your tooth enamel.

If you report dry mouth problems to Dr. John Miller, he will:

  • Suggest Products for Relief – We can recommend an antibacterial mouth rinse such as Tooth & Gums Tonic. Created by dentists, it’s formulated with essential oils and all-natural ingredients that will help alleviate symptoms.
  • Recommend Lifestyle Changes – Dr. Miller will discuss lifestyle habits that may be increasing your risk for dry mouth, such as alcohol or tobacco use.
  • Do a Thorough Examination – Because your mouth is more hospitable to decay-causing bacteria when you have dry mouth, we’ll use technology like DIAGNOdent to find cavities in their early stages. We can also use treatments like fluoride varnish and dental sealants to help protect your teeth against decay.

To relieve discomfort caused by dry mouth in Georgetown, call The Smile Center at 843-492-5026. You can also schedule online.