Pediatric Dentistry

See A Friendly Dentist For Kids
  • Bring your child to see us by age 1
  • Your kids will love our treasure chest
  • Start your child on the road to good dental health

Give Your Child Caring Pediatric Dentistry in Georgetown

Stats Image Almost 9 out of 10 kids have gone to the dentist in the past year. Source.
Your child will love our Georgetown pediatric dentistry. In fact, we see most of South Carolina’s coolest kids! At least, that’s how they feel when they leave our office. We make going to the dentist fun for your little ones. Our care will help your child:

  • Build Trust Early – Your child will grow up knowing our staff. That will make it easier to visit the office and express any fears.
  • Feel Comfortable With Oral Health Maintenance – It’s not always easy to hold your mouth open for dental work. The earlier we can show this process to your kids, the more comfortable they will feel as they grow.
  • Have Fun! – Your child will enjoy full access to the television remote, a fun staff to interact with, and a trip to the treasure chest once the work is finished!

Call 843-492-5026 to schedule your child’s dental visit today. Make sure you ask about our membership plan, which includes options for children. It’s a great way to save on dental care if you don’t have insurance.

Protect Your Child’s Smile With Our Gentle Care

It can be tempting to think that your child’s baby teeth are unimportant. After all, they’re going to fall out in a few years. What you may not realize is that those baby teeth are holding the place of your child’s adult teeth. If baby teeth are lost too soon, the adult teeth are more likely to come in crooked and cause orthodontic issues.

Dr. Miller and his team encourage you to bring your baby to see us when they are about 1 year old. That way, your child can build a healthy, comfortable, and engaging relationship with the dentist. Our children’s dentist will perform the routine maintenance needed to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful, but we can do more than that. Regular dental visits will help your child:

  • Build their confidence
  • Learn the proper way to care for their teeth
  • Maintain a healthy, stunning smile as an adult

The Smile Center is a great place for pediatric dentistry in Georgetown. Call us today at 843-492-5026 to schedule an appointment for your little one. Or schedule online.

Common Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is oral health care specifically catered to children from infancy through their teens. It includes routine cleanings and exams, as well as risk assessment for dental complications, special counseling about nutrition and thumb-sucking habits for better oral health, and care for injured, knocked-out, or decayed teeth and pediatric periodontal disease.

Why is pediatric dentistry important?

Baby teeth need proper care, too. Without it, your child could face a lifetime of dental problems. A children’s dentist can treat cavities and other issues while they’re small so they don’t lead to complications down the road. We can monitor their oral health and make sure their teeth and bite are developing properly as they grow.

Why should I go to a pediatric dentist?

We believe you should take your child to a dentist who is accustomed to treating children every day. Your child will receive the best care and will achieve the best outcome from having a dental partner who loves treating kids and knows how best to do so. One of the reasons that The Smile Center was established was to help the area’s families with their dental needs, and that’s what we’ve done for more than 30 years.