When you have a small dental problem (cavity), you need a small solution (filling). But what happens when your problem is big? For many people, an oral surgery procedure is just what they need to keep their smile healthy, strong, and attractive.

Call The Smile Center today at 843-492-5026 (Georgetown) 843-491-5353 (Murrells Inlet) to schedule your next appointment. Dr. Miller has years of practical experience, so he knows when such a treatment cannot be avoided. If you have one scheduled, here are some oral surgery tips that can help your recovery happen smoother.

At-Home Preparations

  • Read your instructions days ahead of time: You’ll probably get handed a written list of things to do before coming to our South Carolina dentist’s office. Don’t wait until the night before your visit to see what is says! Instead, be sure to read it thoroughly several days before your procedure. This way, you can call us at 843-492-5026 (Georgetown) 843-491-5353 (Murrells Inlet) if you have any questions about them.
  • Avoid facial jewelry and wear comfortable clothes: If you are wearing something like earrings or necklaces, these can catch on Dr. Miller as he performs your oral surgery procedure. That’s why you should leave all of that at home. And because you’ll be in our chair for a while, you’ll want to lay out some comfortably clothes the night before so you’re not worrying about it an hour before your appointment.
  • Get some bland foods from the grocery store: Even with having oral surgery, you’ll need to eat to keep up your strength. But foods that are chewy, hard, or spicy can make you feel worse. Who wants to do grocery shopping after a surgical procedure? Go there now and buy some foods that are bland and soft. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, and simple soups are all great choices.
  • Find some books, games, and shows to enjoy while healing: After any such treatment, you’ll need some time to rest and let your mouth heal. That can actually be boring! To avoid the temptation of comfort eating, be sure you line up some great media choices (from movies to books) so you can pass the time.
  • Make sure your freezer has some cold packs: Pain relievers are great after oral surgery, as you need to manage your discomfort. Although you may receive a prescription for after your appointment, nothing beats a traditional cold pack for pain and swelling. These only work when frozen, so check that you already have these in your freezer.

Why You Might Need Surgery

But why would you ever need such a procedure? Here are four common reasons why you might need oral surgery.

  • Tooth extraction: There are times when a damaged or infected tooth cannot be saved. In these situations, you would need oral surgery to safely remove the problem tooth.
  • Dental implants: Any missing tooth needs a replacement. For a long-lasting and durable solution, a dental implant procedure can replace that tooth and make your smile look complete once again.
  • Ridge augmentation and bone grafts: If your jaw has problems with its shape and structure, this treatment can fill in any thin areas with fresh bone tissue or a replacement material. This can help when your jawbone is too thin to safely hold a dental implant.

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