Restorative Dentistry

Even with regular dental exams and care, it’s tough to get through life without some dental damage. Fortunately, our Georgetown, SC and Murrells Inlet, SC dentists can repair problems like broken or severely decayed teeth.

Call The Smile Center to find out more about our restorative dentistry services: 843-491-5353 for our Murrells Inlet, SC dentist office or 843-492-5026 for our Georgetown, SC dentist office.

Fixing Decayed Teeth

Dental decay creates painful cavities. If it gets into the center of your tooth, it can rot your tooth from the inside out.

Our Murrells Inlet, SC dentists use a tool called DIAGNOdent to find cavities in their earliest stages. They clean out decay and use sturdy tooth-colored fillings to stop decay in its tracks.

A root canal is needed if decay gets inside of your tooth. We use a technology called rotary endodontics that makes root canal procedures quicker, easier, and more predictable. The electric tools used for rotary endodontics are also much quieter than manual tools. We also use a technique called Thermafil to fill the “canals” of your teeth after we clean them of decay.

Fixing Broken or Cracked Teeth

Our restorative dentists use multiple treatments to repair broken or cracked teeth, depending on the severity of the damage. A dental veneer can fix a minor crack or break. For more serious breakage, a dental crown covers and protects your entire tooth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

To replace missing teeth, your options include:

Some of these restorations can be used together. For instance, many patients appreciate the more secure fit of dentures supported by dental implants.

Customized Restorative Dentistry Plan

As with any of our dental services, we take your smile goals, your lifestyle, and your budget into account when we create a plan to restore your teeth. We make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice, and we’ll never push a solution on you.

Keeping You Comfortable

We’ll numb you with local anesthesia for many restorative dentistry procedures. Our dentists use a tool called The Wand® to precisely administer your anesthesia, reducing the initial sting and eliminating much of the residual numbness following your procedure. No more waiting hours before you can feel your face!

We also offer dental sedation to ease your nerves.

Ready to restore your smile? Call The Smile Center at 843-492-5026 in Georgetown, SC or 843-491-5353 in Murrells Inlet, SC. Or use our online form to book an appointment at either of our two locations.

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