Pediatric Dentistry

Your kid will love our Murrells Inlet SC and Georgetown SC dentist office! In fact, we see most of South Carolina’s coolest kids! At least, that’s how they feel when they leave our office. You may have been afraid of the dentist when you were a child, but for your little ones, going to the dentist just became really fun!

A Dentist for Kids

Dr. Miller and his team can see every member of your family. We encourage you to bring your baby when he or she is about 1 year old. From that point, your child can begin building a healthy, comfortable, and engaging relationship with the dentist!

  • Build trust early – Your child will grow up knowing our staff, and that will make visiting the office and expressing fears much easier!
  • Feel comfortable with oral health maintenance – It’s not easy for anyone to hold their mouth open for dental work. The earlier we can show this as a normal, safe process, the more comfortable your child will feel as he or she grows.
  • Have fun! – Your child will have full access to the television remote, a fun staff to interact with, and a trip to the treasure chest once the work is finished!

Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Teeth

It can be really tempting to think that your child’s baby teeth are unimportant. After all, they’re going to fall out in a few years! What you may not realize is that those baby teeth are holding the place of your child’s adult teeth. If baby teeth are lost too soon, the adult teeth are more likely to come in crooked and cause further issues.

Let us help. Our Dentist for kids can perform the routine maintenance needed to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful, but we can do more than that. Your child will build confidence, learn the proper way to care for his or her teeth, and grow into a stunning smile as an adult.

Call our Murrells Inlet SC office at 843-492-5026 or our Georgetown SC office at 843-491-5353 or contact us via online form. You will find oral health solutions for every single member of your family.

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