With summer now in full swing, you and the kids have a little more time on your hands. It’s a great time of year to schedule all your family’s dental checkups. Still, your time is limited. You have vacation, kids’ camps, summer sports, and so much more in addition to your regular schedule.

At The Smile Center, we understand you’re busy, and we value your time. That’s why our Murrells Inlet dentist office provides comprehensive care for your whole crew.

Getting all your family’s care under one roof saves you time, but that’s only one advantage. Read on to discover more benefits of choosing a family dentist in one location. Then call us at 843-492-5026 for (Georgetown) or 843-491-5353 for (Murrells Inlet) to experience these benefits for yourself.

Save Time Driving Around Time

If you need to see a dentist for your care and your kids need to see a children’s dentist for their care, that can add up to a lot of trips and time. We can take care of everything here. Our family dentists start seeing kids at about 1 year old. We’ll count their teeth, examine development of their teeth, and check for any signs of decay. As they get older, we can start doing teeth cleanings and other preventive care.

We can also provide everything the adults in your family need, including:

  • General dentistry to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. This includes mouthguards for adults and kids.
  • Cosmetic dentistry for a smile that looks even cleaner and brighter than regular checkups provide.
  • Restorative dentistry to make sure your teeth look and work great!
  • Tooth replacement to eat what you want and smile without embarrassment. We even do the whole dental implant process from start to finish.
  • Sleep apnea treatment – which not many dentists are trained in – to help you sleep well and prevent related health complications.
  • Invisalign orthodontics to straighten adult teeth and teen teeth without metal.
  • Dental emergency care so you have an established provider who can get you in ASAP should you need urgent care.

Build Trust Early to Prevent Dental Fear

Perhaps you didn’t have a great experience at the dentist when you were a kid. Or even when you were an adult! We work hard to keep kids from being afraid of the dentist. If they go to the same provider as you, that alone can help a lot. We even let your littlest ones come with you to checkups so they can get used to our office and team. That way, they’ll understand that we’re a safe place that helps Mom or Dad.

For your child’s first dental visit , we’ll introduce ourselves, look at their teeth, and even let them have a “ride” in the chair! We have TVs kids can watch so they’ll feel like they’re at home. We won’t do anything they aren’t comfortable with until we know they’re ready. Plus, they’ll get to pick from our treasure chest at the end!

Keep Your Family Comfortable

When your family is all at the same place, you’ll get to know our dentists and staff. Seeing the same familiar faces makes both kids and adults feel comfortable.

Our offices are also built for your family’s comfort. Of course, our spacious, welcoming atmosphere and clean facilities in both Georgetown and Murrells Inlet are great. We also have amenities and dental technology to assure that your care will be comfortable. These include:

  • The Wand painless anesthesia
  • Lasers for gentle dental work without scalpels
  • Dental sedation for complete relaxation

We also offer an in-house benefits plan. You can be comfortable knowing you’re getting great care at a great price. Plus, there’s no dealing with separate fees from separate dentists or wondering how much you’ll pay for one treatment here and one treatment there.

Trust Us to Make Sure Your Smile Looks Great

One big advantage of getting all your family’s care in one place is that we’re invested in your smile. We know all about your smile, your goals, and your preferences. We’ll keep your smile looking great for years to come.

There are so many benefits to choosing a family dentist who can offer everything under one roof. To get excellent family care in one place, call 843-492-5026 for (Georgetown) or 843-491-5353 for (Murrells Inlet). You can also use our online form for either location.

We look forward to caring for your family for life!