It may be a little early to finalize your Thanksgiving menu, but chances are you already know whose house you’ll be celebrating at this year. When you all gather around the table, you might take a few minutes to share what you’re thankful for this year. This could include everything from the loved ones you’re gathered with to the meal set before you. Though if you’re missing teeth, thinking of that meal might not be as exciting as it used to be when you had a full smile. If that’s you, why not consider replacement teeth from The Smile Center?

Both our Murrells Inlet, SC dentist office and Georgetown, SC dentist office can offer you multiple replacement options based on your goals and your budget. See how we can help with these options below, then call 843-492-5026 for (Georgetown) or 843-491-5353 for (Murrells Inlet) to find out what’s best for you.

Replace One Tooth Or A Few Teeth With A Dental Bridge

Dr. Miller has decades of experience replacing teeth with fixed bridges . He doesn’t cut corners when it comes to materials, the process, or the lab that will make your restoration. He can even use different materials based on what you want and where the bridge will be at in your mouth.

If you need a reliable tooth or a few teeth, consider what a bridge can offer you:

  • An improvement to your smile’s appearance and overall appearance now that you have a full smile
  • A tooth or teeth that match your others
  • The ability to eat just about anything again
  • A replacement option that stays in your mouth and doesn’t have to be removed
  • The ability to clean your teeth just like normal – brush and floss
  • An option that requires no surgery
  • Usually just two or three visits
  • A long-lasting option, with expectations of keeping it for 10 years or more

Replace Some Or All Of Your Teeth With Dentures

A bridge won’t cut it if you’re missing several teeth or all your teeth. Dentures are a common solution when you have widespread tooth loss or need to replace old dentures. We take pride in creating dentures that look and feel good. Like our bridges, our dentures use high-quality processes and materials for new teeth that will please you.

Aside from teeth that look and feel good, you can expect:

  • An improved appearance
  • A fuller, more youthful looking face
  • Teeth that can expand your food options
  • A proper, snug fit that can help minimize your need for adhesives
  • Solutions to replace some teeth and keep your healthy teeth or to replace all your teeth
  • Improved nutrition from improved chewing and healthier foods
  • Teeth that require little maintenance
  • Dentures that last for years

Replace As Many Teeth As You Need To With Dental Implants

More and more patients are choosing dental implants to replace their teeth. Implants are the closest thing to your real teeth, so it’s no wonder. If you had diseased or damaged teeth before, you’ll be amazed at how natural your new smile feels. Many people comment they don’t even think about their teeth anymore because they become such a natural part of their body.

If you are looking forward to helping yourself to whatever you want at the Thanksgiving buffet, this is the option for you. You can expect:

  • The most natural looking, feeling, and functioning tooth replacement
  • A younger, more attractive appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss, unlike dentures and bridges, and therefore preserved facial structure
  • A solution for as little as one missing tooth to a mouth full of missing teeth, with crowns, bridges, or dentures that attach to your implants
  • The ability to eat what you want, whether hard, crunchy, or chewy
  • Optimal nutrition through complete chewing and a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables
  • No worries that your teeth will come loose since implants are attached to your jawbone
  • Minor surgery that can be done with sedation
  • A lifelong solution
  • Mini implants that can make this solution possible even if you lack enough bone for full-sized implants

It’s Time You Were Grateful For A Full Smile

You can be grateful for your smile – and the feast before you – at your next Thanksgiving meal. It is possible with replacement teeth from The Smile Center. We encourage you to consider what you want from your new teeth, then call 843-492-5026 for (Georgetown) or 843-491-5353 for (Murrells Inlet) or use our online form to visit us and discuss your options.

If your goal is not to worry your teeth will come out with next Thanksgiving’s pecan pie or that you can get through sharing your blessings without covering your mouth, we can help. So call today!