I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort

As much as you want to beautify your smile, we realize schedules are busy. So we understand you may not rush to visit The Smile Center at Murrells Inlet and Georgetown, SC for cosmetic dentistry services such as dental veneers. Or you might put off asking our dentists about issues like halitosis.

But never delay if you or a family member are feeling dental pain! Timing can be critical in dealing with dental pain, especially in dental emergencies where you may be in danger of losing teeth.

Feeling a dental pain? Call to visit one of The Smile Center’s two locations ASAP, 843-492-5026 for Georgetown, SC or 843-491-5353 for Murrells Inlet, SC.

Dealing with Your Dental Pain

Our caring staff will make you as comfortable as possible while our dentists assess your situation and during any dental procedures they may recommend. That includes offering you a warm blanket and neck pillow. Or finding a program for you on the TVs in our care rooms.

If you require local anesthesia for any dental procedure, we take as much uncertainty out of that process as possible by using The Wand®, a handheld digital tool that helps us easily and painlessly administer the appropriate amount of anesthesia.

You also won’t have any residual numbness following your procedure. You can go back to work or resume your regular activities with no numb face!

If dental sedation will help you get through a procedure, we offer laughing gas and oral sedation.

How We Handle Common Causes of Dental Pain

Here are ways our dentists may handle some common causes of dental pain:

  • Toothache. We’ll determine what is causing your toothache. If it’s a cavity, we’ll fix it with a tooth-colored composite filling or dental crown for more severe cases. If decay has gotten into the center of your tooth, we can perform a root canal to remove infected material and protect your tooth from further damage.
  • Broken tooth. We can often repair a broken tooth with a dental crown. If the break is too severe to save your tooth, we can gently extract the tooth. To replace your missing tooth, you can choose a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Don’t endure toothache or dental pain! Call The Smile Center at 843-492-5026 to see a dentist right away in Georgetown, SC or 843-491-5353 for a fast appointment in Murrells Inlet, SC. For less time-sensitive issues, you can make an appointment using our online form.

Call Today to Make an Appointment

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